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GEMINI CD-2000X Instruction Manual


GEMINI CD-2000X - It's a complete owner's manual ( also known as operating manual or user guide), and it's in PDF format. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address. See below for delivery information

The manual is available only in language(s): English

Link to manual will be sent on Your email address after You place order.
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 07 May, 2007.
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Ernst-Guenter Hoffmann - 11/16/2007 5 of 5 Stars!
Many thanks for the fast and easy delivery. When looking for a manual next time you will be my number one. Ernst, from good old Germany
ivan radic - 02/03/2007 5 of 5 Stars!
Super fast!Excellent quality and solid transaction!I will return.Thanks
Steve Troake - 10/05/2006 5 of 5 Stars!
Just got this Manual downloaded... Scan is PERFECT! This is EXACTLY what I needed. However, please update your site info to state that it may take more than \"a few hours\" to have the download available after payment - - - I had to wait 4 days, in my case. Otherwise, I am very happy with this!!! Thanks! --- User-Manuals.COM comment We\'re sorry for delay, we had major problem with our download server, but all is ok now and downloads works as previous.
Dutra Lacerda - 02/17/2008 5 of 5 Stars!
All schematics for the Euro-PC and some extra info. Needed if you want to replace some missing hardware. A piece of great historical value and for vintage computing entusiasts.
Mark Tarkett -  5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent service, good price, products are excellent. Will do business with this vendor again.

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JOG WHEEL: The JOG WHEEL (9) has various
ANTI-SHOCK BUFFER MEMORY: With 12 SEC-functions. Use the JOG WHEEL (9) to make fine
ONDS OF ANTI-SHOCK BUFFER MEMORY,adjustments in pause mode. Use the JOG
each side of the CD player stores 6 seconds ofWHEEL (9) to bend the pitch for precise synchro-
future play to ensure that any harsh movement ornization in play mode, for scratching, and adjust-
bumping of the unit will not interrupt play and play
will continue smoothly.ments to cue and effects parameters.
STOP : The STOP BUTTON (4) will end the
POWER: After making sure that the VOLTAGEplaying of the CD as well as clear sampler.
SELECTOR switch (23), found on the rear panel,
is properly set, plug the unit in and press theTIME: The TIME BUTTON (2) switches the time
POWER button (21). The unit will turn on. Pushingdisplay between the three available choices listed
under DISPLAY.
the POWER button (21) a second time will turn the
unit off.FLY CUE: The FLY CUE (10A) function lets you set
DISC TRAY: The DISC TRAY (20) is where the CDcues on the fly with one press of a button. With the
is held during loading, unloading and playback.unit in the play mode (play/pause LED glows
green), press FLY CUE (10A) at the point where
Pressing the disc tray OPEN/CLOSE BUTTONyou want the cue point to be (the unit will continue
(27), will open or close the tray. The DISC TRAYto play). The cue point is now memorized. Press
(20) holds both 12 cm and 8 cm CDs. Please
note, if the CD-2000X is in the play mode, the traythe CUE BUTTON (16) to return to the memorized
will not open.cue point. Push the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON (17),
and the unit will instantly play from the spot se-
BUTTON (27) to load or remove a CD from the
DISC TRAY (20).CUE: With the unit in the play mode (play/pause LED
glows green), and after the cue point has been
DISPLAY: The DISPLAY (5) shows the track num-memorized, pressing the CUE BUTTON (16) will
ber, pitch value, single-auto cue, continue (forcause the CD player to enter the pause mode
continuous play), and 3 different time displays.(play/pause LED blinks green) at the memorized
These time displays are time elapsed on the track,
time remaining on the disc and time remaining oncue point (the cue LED glows red). Holding down
the CUE BUTTON changes the cue function to
the track. Time is measured in minutes, secondsPREVIEW (allowing you to hear the music play at
and frames. It also shows the beats-per-minute ofwhatever tempo you adjusted to by holding the cue
the track.button down). Releasing the CUE BUTTON
THE BPM/PITCH BUTTON (37) allows you toreturns you to the preset cue point.
select what you would like displayed, either the
PITCH PERCENTAGE or the BPM.SEAMLESS LOOP: After a cue point is memorized,
pressing the CUE B/EXIT BUTTON (11) in play
PLAYBACK DISPLAY: The PLAYBACK DISPLAYmode, repeats the section between the cue point
(6) displays the time remaining to play and flashesand the point where the CUE B/EXIT BUTTON
slowly when the track has 30 seconds left. The
(11) was pressed. Press the CUE B/EXIT BUT-
PLAYBACK DISPLAY (6) flashes quickly whenTON (11) again or pause play to exit the repeating
the track has 15 seconds
BUTTON (17) causes the operation to change
from play to pause or from pause back to play.(3) activates the AUTO CUE FUNCTION. The
TRACK SKIP : The TRACK SKIP BUT-AUTO CUE FUNCTION causes the unit to pause
TONS (13) let you select the track to the beginning of music of the following track and
allows you to start play immediately from the start
of music without any blank space (which exists atTONS (28) are used to move forward or reverse
the beginning of every track).while in play or pause mode. See the CUE IN-
STRUCTIONS section for more information.
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