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GEMINI CFX-50 Instruction Manual


GEMINI CFX-50 - It's a complete owner's manual ( also known as operating manual or user guide), and it's in PDF format. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address. See below for delivery information

The manual is available only in language(s): English German French Spanish

Link to manual will be sent on Your email address after You place order.
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 07 May, 2007.
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Other reviews
Henry Seiden - 02/26/2009 5 of 5 Stars!
I downloaded this product and looked through it quickly with Adobe Reader v9. It is clean and a good copy. Some scanned pages are not perfectly square, but that is a minor complaint. The document schematics and board diagrams are easy to read, of good contrast. The whole file downloaded quickly. This is a good service! Sony charges about $100 for the printed version of the same manual. It is still available through their print-on-demand pro parts system, but why would you do that?
Mark Tarkett -  5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent service, good price, products are excellent. Will do business with this vendor again.
Carl Conti - 08/03/2006 5 of 5 Stars!
Thanks for manual for Luxman M02. I'll recomend this site to my friends for sure! Keep on the good work!
Francisco Dorfman - 06/13/2007 5 of 5 Stars!
I was thinking I will never find this manual. User-Manuals had saved my Teac V-7010 which is full of specific functions. Superfast service, excellent document. Thank you very much!
Glen Meyer - 10/26/2008 3 of 5 Stars!
Very fast service, manual is well scanned and clear, but the Appendix A containing PC Command table and Control codes are missing

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Congratulations on purchasing a Gemini CFX-50 Dual CD Player.ANTI-SHOCK BUFFER MEMORY: With 12 SECONDS OF ANTI-
This state of the art professional CD player is backed by a three yearSHOCK BUFFER MEMORY, each side of the CD player stores 6
warranty, excluding lasers. One year warranty on CD lasers. Prior toseconds of future play to ensure that any harsh movement or bumping of
use, we suggest that you carefully read all the instructions.the unit will not interrupt play and play will continue smoothly.
? 5 Hot Cue Points & BOP Feature? Seamless Looping & Instant ReversePOWER: After making sure that the VOLTAGE SELECTOR (1) switch,
? Real Time Scratching? Anti-Shock Using RAM Buffer Memoryfound on the rear panel, is properly set, plug the unit in and press the
? Auto BPM Within LCD Display? Large Soft Touch Rubber Jog WheelPOWER (6) button. The unit will turn on. Pushing the POWER button
? Fully Adjustable Brake & Start? LED Target Light for Draw Mechanism
(6) a second time will turn the unit off.
? Variable Pitch Control (4%, 12%, 24%, & 100%)
? 5 DSP Effects With Time & Ratio Parameter Control
? New ?State of the Art? Master Tempo With, Fully Functional PitchDISC TRAY: The DISC TRAY (7) is where the CD is held during loading,
? Large LCD Screen with Blue LED Backlight & Dimmer Controlunloading and playback. Pressing the disc trays STOP (8) button, will
? Direct Access Keypad with Full Programmable Feature
open or close the tray. The DISC TRAY (7) holds both 12 cm and 8 cm
CDs. Please note, if the CFX-50 is in play mode, the tray will not open.
Material: Ga - Al - As
Wavelength: 755 - 815 nm (25° C)STOP: Press the STOP (8) button to STOP a CD in PLAY mode and to
Laser Output: Continuous Wave, max. 0.5mWalso load or remove a CD from the DISC TRAY (7).
Do not use this CD Player at temperatures below 41°F/5°C or higherDIMMER: Turn the DIMMER (9) to the right to increase brightness of the
than 95°F/35°C. The apparatus should not be exposed to dripping orDISPLAY (10), and push it in to lock the setting.
splashing and no objects filled with liquids such as vases should be
placed on the apparatus. Place the unit in a clean and dry location.DISPLAY: The DISPLAY (10) shows the track number, pitch value, single-
Do not place the unit in an unstable location. When disconnecting theauto cue, continue (for continuous play), and 3 different time displays.
power cord from an AC outlet, always grasp it by the plug. Never pullThese time displays are time elapsed on the track, time remaining on the
the power cord. To prevent electric shock, do not remove the cover ordisc and time remaining on the track. Time is measured in minutes,
the bottom screws. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Pleaseseconds and frames. It also shows the beats-per-minute of the track.
refer servicing to a qualified technician. Do not use chemical solvents to
clean the unit. Keep the laser pickup clean by keeping the drawerPLAYBACK DISPLAY BAR: The PLAYBACK DISPLAY BAR (11)
closed. Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.displays the elapsed and remaining time for each track. The display
flashes slowly when the track has 15 seconds remaining and pulses
rapidly when playing time is down to 5 seconds.
Since the CFX-50 is a dual CD player, most of the functions and controls
are duplicated on both sides of the CD player. To eliminate confusion andPLAY/PAUSE : Each press of the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON (12) causes
the operation to change from play to pause or from pause back to play.
to make the drawings easier to understand, we will only number the
left side functions and controls.
CUE/PREVIEW: With the unit in the PLAY mode and after the CUE POINT
has been programmed, pressing CUE/PREVIEW (13) will cause the CD
LINE VOLTAGE SELECTION:player to enter the PAUSE mode at the programmed CUE POINT. Holding
down the CUE/PREVIEW (13) button changes the function to PREVIEW
Model CFX-50 is a dual voltage unit. It will operate at 115 or 230 volts.
To set the proper voltage, follow these steps:and starts the CD from the programmed CUE POINT. Releasing the CUE/
PREVIEW (13) button will return the CD laser to the preset CUE POINT.
1. Place the head of a screwdriver in the center of the VOLTAGE
SELECTOR SWITCH (1) found on the rear panel.TRACK : The TRACK (14) buttons let you select the track to play.
2. Slide the switch to 115 or 230 volts.SEARCH : The SEARCH (15) buttons are used to move forward
or reverse while in play or pause mode. See the CUE INSTRUCTIONS
3. Do not force or twist the switch. Excessive force may cause damage. Ifsection for more information.
the switch does not move smoothly, contact a qualified technician.
TIME: The TIME BUTTON (16) switches the time display between the
three available choices listed under DISPLAY (10).
1. Connect the power plug into the AC IN (2) for POWER.SINGLE: Pressing the SINGLE (17) activates the AUTO CUE FUNCTION.
The AUTO CUE FUNCTION causes the unit to pause at the beginning of
2. Using the included cables, plug one end into the REMOTE CONTROL (3)music of the following track and allows you to start play immediately
connector on side 2 and the other end into the MAIN UNIT (3) connectorfrom the start of music without any blank space (which exists at the
also on side 2. Do the same for side 1.beginning of every track). Pressing the SINGLE (17) button a second
time activates the CONTINUOUS function causing the unit to play
3. Plug one end of a set of the included RCA cable connectors into each ofcontinuously (after the last track, the unit will return to the first track of
the disc and continue to play). Pressing the SINGLE (17) button a third
time deactivates the CONTINUOUS function.
4. Plug the other end of the RCA connectors into any available line level
input jacks on your mixer. If you are connecting the CFX-50 through aFLY CUE: The FLY CUE (18) function lets you set cues ?on the fly? with the
receiver, you can plug the RCA connectors into the CD or AUX INPUT
press of a button. Press FLY CUE (18) when the disc reaches the musical
JACKS on your receiver. If there are no CD or AUX INPUTS, use anylocation you wish to make your cue or start point. The CUE POINT is now
line level (not phono) inputs.
programmed. Press CUE/PREVIEW (13) to return to the CUE POINT. Press
PLAY/PAUSE (12) and the unit start from the pre-programmed spot.
5. Connect any type of device that will accept a DIGITAL signal, such as
DAT, MD, HARD DRIVE, ETC to the COAXIAL (5) INPUTS on the rear
panel of the transport to record a DIGITAL signal.
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