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MACKIE 1604-VLZPRO Instruction Manual


MACKIE 1604-VLZPRO - It's a complete owner's manual ( also known as operating manual or user guide), and it's in PDF format. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address. See below for delivery information

The manual is available only in language(s): English

Link to manual will be sent on Your email address after You place order.
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 07 May, 2007.
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Other reviews
Patrick Guice - 04/23/2008 5 of 5 Stars!
Phenomal manual great resoulution and very legible. Will become very helpfull in future for parts and service.
Anny ROY - 04/06/2007 5 of 5 Stars!
Super fast service and document of excellent quality. Thanks
Glen Meyer - 10/26/2008 3 of 5 Stars!
Very fast service, manual is well scanned and clear, but the Appendix A containing PC Command table and Control codes are missing
matt wilschke - 03/07/2008 5 of 5 Stars!
Essential for popping the top open and cleaning and replacing what needs repalced. One note: the Ornamental Panel is attached with some adhesive as well as screws and faders so don't be shy about prying it open.
Dutra Lacerda - 02/17/2008 5 of 5 Stars!
All schematics for the Euro-PC and some extra info. Needed if you want to replace some missing hardware. A piece of great historical value and for vintage computing entusiasts.

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Click to see text excerpt from the manual
come on as a result of clipping. ThatOs prettyCONSTANT LOUDNESS ! ! !
boring. So, to liven things up, this LED will
The 1604-VLZ PROOs
glow steadily when that channelOs MUTE
PAN controls employ a de-
switch is engaged.
sign called OConstant
If you need a quick reference to these LEDs,
Loudness.� It has nothing
write this on the back of your hand:
to do with living next to a freeway. As you turn
the PAN knob from left to right (thereby caus-
�20 (SOLO) green signal is presentchannel is soloed
ing the sound to move from the left to theTRIM1
OL (MUTE) red channel is clipping channel is mutedUM-I1C0dGBAVIN
center to the right), the sound will appear to
remain at the same volume (or loudness).
+15dB -45dB
If you have a channel panned hard left (or
Engaging a channelOs MUTE switch pro-U
right) and reading 0dB, it must dip down about
vides the same results as turning the fader all1
4dB on the left (or right) when panned center.OO+15
the way down: Any channel assignment toU
To do otherwise, like those Brand X mixers,
L-R, 1-2 or 3-4 will be interrupted. All the post2
would make the sound appear much louder
AUX sends will be silenced, as will theOO+15
when panned center.PRE
DIRECT OUT signals on channels 1 throughU
8. And of course, that fun-loving OL (MUTE) 3-BAND MID-SWEEP EQ35
LED will commence to glow. The PRE AUX
The 1604-VLZ PRO has a 3-band, mid-sweepU
sends , channel INSERT send and SOLO6
equalization: LOW shelving at 80Hz, MID sweep4
(in LEVEL SET (PFL) mode) will continue toOO+15
peaking from 100Hz to 8kHz, and HI shelving at
function during MUTE.SHIFT
12kHz. ItOs probably all the EQ youOll ever need!
Depending on the audio content in a chan-U12HIk
(Shelving means that the circuitry boosts or
nel, engaging its MUTE switch may cause a
cuts all frequencies past the specified frequency.
slight popping sound. This is not a problemU
For example, the 1604-VLZ PROOs LOW EQMID
within the mixer, and it can be avoided: Sim-
boosts bass frequencies starting at 80Hz and
ply engage the LOW CUT switch on each-15+15
continuing down to the lowest note you never800
channel (unless its low frequency content is
heard. Peaking means that certain frequencies2002k
vitally important, such as a kick drum or bass1008k
form a Ohill� around the center frequency.)LOW
guitar). LOW CUT eliminates subsonic de-
The LOW EQ provides up to 15dB boost or cut
bris, which causes the pop, and its effect is
at 80Hz. The circuit is flat (no boost or cut) at the-15+15
usually transparent.LOW CUT75 Hz
center detent position. This frequency represents18dB/OCT
the punch in bass drums, bass guitar, fat synth
patches, and some really serious male singers.
PAN adjusts the amount of channel signalLR
sent to the left versus the right outputs. Pan de-1
termines the fate of the L-R assignment,
subgroups 1�2 and 3�4, and the SOLO (in+5
LEVEL SET (PFL) mode). With the PAN knob0
hard left, the signal will feed the left MAIN MIX,�5
subgroup 1, subgroup 3 and left NORMAL�10SOLO
(AFL) solo mode (assuming their assignment�15
switches are engaged). With the knob hard20Hz100Hz1kHz10kHz 20kHz
right, signal feeds the right MAIN MIX, sub-Used in conjunction with the LOW CUT34
group 2, subgroup 4 and right NORMAL (AFL)switch , you can boost the LOW EQ without
L - R
solo mode. With the PAN knob set somewhereinjecting a ton of subsonic debris into the mix.
in-between left and right, the signal will be di-We recommend using the LOW CUT feature on
vided between the left and right busses.all channels, except low frequency signals, like
kick drums and bass guitars.
Stereo Sources
The MID EQ , or Omidrange,� has a fixed
Your life will be easier if you follow thisbandwidth of 1.5 octaves. The MID knob sets
standard convention: When patching stereothe amount of boost or cut, up to 15dB, and is
sound sources to a mixer, always plug the lefteffectively bypassed at then center detent. The
signal into an Oodd� channel (1, 3, 5, etc.) andfrequency knob sets the center frequency,
the right signal into the adjacent Oeven� chan-sweepable from 100Hz to 8kHz.
nel (2, 4, 6, etc.). Then pan the odd channel
hard left and the even channel hard right.
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